At NAS, the safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance for us as a school and we make it our priority to ensure that students are reaching home happily at the end of each school day. With this in mind, we offer our students a reliable and secure bus service through school transport.

We have an organized way of conducting our pickups and drop off where the entire process is led by the school principal with the aid of the SLT, school assistants, bus drivers and security personnel. In both the pickups and drop offs the students are escorted to the school buses and to their cars respectively. The students are allocated to their specific seats in line with the observation of safety measures. Our drivers and Assistant personnel have all the required qualifications and approvals required by the regulatory authorities as well as the professional experience to deal with our students.

Transportation at NAS
Transportation at NAS
Transportation at NAS

In this period of COVID-19, we have fully ensured that all standards of health and safety protocols have been followed i.e.,

  • Our students are screened for their temperatures before entering the school buses and right away before they enter the school premises in case they are dropped off by the private transportation.
  • It’s ensured that they have their masks on and are seated in there allocated seats with their safety belts tightened during the whole time of getting home.
  • Our buses are frequently sanitized according to the school sanitization manual to increase the safety of the students all the time.
  • During the pickup and drop offs our security personnel help with the whole process by ensuring that there is a steady flow especially in the parking lots and in the receiving entry points of the student to avoid congestions. During the entire procedure covid-19 safety measures are fully applied and strictly adhered to.