Elementary students have their own Science lab where they can bring theory to practice. Elementary Science lab provides students with a wide range of experiments where they can improve their critical thinking and innovation skills. The elementary lab is well-equipped with suitable seating for the Elementary students’ ages. All safety precautions and protocols are firmly followed in the Elementary lab during experiments. All Science lab activities are carefully planned and supervised by the teachers and the lab assistant.

Middle and high school students have their own Science lab as well where they carry out their experiments under the supervision of the teacher and the lab assistant. Middle and High school lab is designed in a way that students can do their experiments individually or collaboratively. All safety measures are strictly followed in the Science labs.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math lab (STEM lab) are also provided for Middle and High school students to enhance their learning skills and increase their passion for innovation and creativity. Students can use varied resources in each STEM lab to improve their critical thinking, innovation and exploration skills.

Literacy is highly appreciated at NAS. This is why we have two different libraries. Elementary library has leveled reading books suitable for the Elementary students’ reading level. Books in the Elementary library cover varied areas of interests to provide students choices. A very warm welcome space is provided for students where different relaxing furniture is available to ensure the maximum level of concentration for our students. Technology is also integrated in the Elementary library as students can use different devices, following the protocols i.e. PPE, or their own ones to enjoy different sources on online books such as Britannica.

Another spacious library is available for Middle and High school students. It is well-equipped with the needed furniture suitable for the age of the students. Middle and High school library provide students with a wide range of books that cover almost all areas of knowledge and interest. Students can use different technological devices in the library where they can read countless number of E-books. Britannica is one of the digital resources that is our students can use in the library.

New Academy School – Swimming Pool

A spacious music room equipped with instruments such as pianos, drums, violins, guitars, etc. is available for music classes.
An art room is provided to our students where they can develop their drawing and painting skills. The art room is well-equipped with the needed resources for our students to enhance their artistic and innovative skills.
When it is time for students to showcase their talents and innovation skills, then we are taking about NAS auditorium. It is very spacious and well-equipped with modern sound and light systems. A variety of activities are organized in the auditorium for range of student groups.
Fitness and healthy life style are of our focus areas as well. With two basketball areas, one for boys and one for girls, students can enjoy their time playing basketball, volleyball, badminton and other team games. Both basketball areas have very safe grounds prepared with high quality rubber flooring to ensure the safety of our students while playing.

Football fields are also available, for boys and girls. They are with very spacious areas and students enjoy playing soccer and do other activities.

A GYM is also provided for our students to help enhance their physical skills and enjoy aerobics during the P.E. lessons which help them get fit. The GYM is well-equipped with all the needed tools for students to use under the supervision of our P.E. teachers.

A newly provided swimming pool is in use for students to improve their swimming skills. The swimming pool is designed in a way to meet the needs of all our students with their different ages as it comes with degraded depths. A 100% supervision by our Lifeguards and P.E. expert to ensure 100% of our students’ safety. Water is cleaned and automatically heated to maintain a suitable temperature of the water in all-weather conditions.

Two cafeterias with spacious food court area are provided to our students as they can enjoy having their meals with a careful supervision of the teachers. An approved restaurant is carefully chosen for catering the food for our students. Fresh foods are provided to our students on daily basis. A daily inspection of the canteens and the food served exist by the school in addition to the routinely inspection for the canteen by Dubai Municipality and Dubai Health Authority. School cafeteria has a Gold A rating from DM.
Two clinics, boys’ and girls’, are provided for our students to ensure that students receive the needed medical assistance in case they don’t feel well or in any case of emergency. Two approved and registered nurses in addition to a physician are available in the clinics on a daily basis to ensure that our students get the needed medical care. NAS is an approved vaccination center so we make sure that our students get their vaccination on time.
About New Academy School


This year the school implemented the use of tablets by all students. Students use their tablets for reading purpose and to access applications such as think central, HMH, stem scope, RazKids, eBooks, the New Academy App.