SEL Social Emotional Learning

SEL is an enrichment program that develop students’ social and emotional identity to prepare responsible citizens with growth mindset. Research indicates that SEL has great impact on students’ academic, social, personal, and professional success. Students are involved in variety of thematic activities to deepen their understanding of their self and the world around them to enhance their self-esteem.


NAS is an inclusive school where every student is equally valued, and all staff strives to provide for the individual needs of students in a way that recognizes their individualized learning styles, backgrounds, and culture. It is thus our aim to overcome potential barriers to learning, to provide quality education for all.

NAS has adapted a Response to Intervention (RTI) tiered/leveled system structure to identify and support students.

  • Individual Education Program (IEP):
    Students on Tier 3 will be placed on an IEP as devised by the Inclusion Head. An IEP is a document which describes the goals that are set for the student during the school year, as well as any special support required to best facilitate their progress and success within the school.
  • NAS also provides alternative curriculum for High school students.
About New Academy School
Social Emotional Learning

Gifted and Talented:

NAS ensures that students of all abilities and talents are supported to reach their fullest potential. Provisions are in place to accelerate the skills for students with abilities in cognitive reasoning abilities, academic performers, visual and performance skills.

At NAS students who demonstrated uncommonly high potential knowledge and/or skills in one or more academic or non-academic endeavors which include abilities in P.E, Art, Music and ICT opportunities are made for them to excel in their giftedness and showcase their talents skills through internal and external competitions, Science/Math exhibitions and sporting events.

Project Based Learning:

Students at NAS are actively engaged in meaningful projects over a period of time to solve real life problems or find answers to challenging questions related to current situation.

At NAS PBL designed to integrate all the subjects purposefully in order to allow students to dig deeper to find answers to the driving questions.

PBL enables students to go beyond the school community by interacting with people in other countries to find solutions to worldwide problems.

Students celebrate and share their success story with their parents and the school community through the grade level PBL exhibitions.

School Grades & Age Groups

Balanced Literacy Program:

Since most students at NAS are second language learners, the school implements the balanced literacy program through modeling techniques to develop the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

A 40- minute session is allocated for Balanced Literacy (Reading Workshop) every week. Moreover, 40 minutes of independent reading is allocated weekly during the library session An 80-minute session is allocated for writing workshops.

Reading intervention is provided for emergent readers by pulling out and pushing in sessions during BL time.

Arabic Reading Program:

As reading is the cornerstone of education, NAS is focusing on reading by implementing successful reading programs that have a great impact on nurturing students’ reading skills. The school has expanded using “I read Arabic”/ “Start Arabic” which helped improving students’ reading drastically. To track students’ reading progress, rigorous reading assessments are taking place regularly and effective communication with parents through reading reports to inform parents of their kids’ reading level.