School Tuition Fees
Admission Fees – One-time Admission fees of AED 1000 is charged for newly enrolled students non
refundable non adjustable and non transferable.
Assessment Fees (New Students) – Assessment fees is AED 300 non refundable and non transferable.
Seat Reservation (for existing students) – AED 1000 is to be paid for seat reservation non refundable but
adjustable against tuition fees (Cheque Return charge = 300).

Transportation Fees

Area – الـمنطـقـة One Way Two Way
Dubai (ZONE ONE) 5,000 6,500
Dubai (ZONE TWO) 5,300 7,000
Dubai (ZONE THREE) 5,400 7,200
Dubai (ZONE FOUR) 5,600 7,500
Sharjah 5,600 7,500

Tuition Fees Instalment Structure

Instalments Payment Method Date Due
First Instalment (Fees + Books+ International Exam Fees) Cash or Current Dated Cheque 21-08-2023
Second Instalment Post Dated Cheque 01-12-2023
Third Instalment Post Dated Cheque 01-03-2024

KHDA Fees Factsheets 2023-24

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