KG Curriculum

KG follows the California Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Next Generation Science Standards are followed for Science that provide hands-on science investigations to engage students in their scientific exploration. These standards provide students with a rigorous framework that enhances a well-rounded education that prepares students for college and careers. Arabic is taught to native and non-native speakers and Islamic Studies for Muslim students as per the Ministry of Education (MOE) standards and curriculum. Significant focus is placed on ensuring students are engaged in innovative learning that develop from students’ interests and guide them to become responsible global citizens. Our Kindergarten curriculum offers a play-based learning environment designed to meet a child’s needs for all types of play, both indoors and out, providing them with valuable first-hand experiences upon which their future learning will be built. There is an emphasis on developing the children’s independence throughout all aspects of the curriculum. Role-play is used to create the children’s expressive language skills; role-play areas change regularly in classrooms and central areas.

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NAS KG Facilities

KG Facilities

Our learning environments are well resourced and maintained to provide students with a range of multi-sensory activities. There is a full-time teaching assistant in every class who adds valuable support to all students. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards to support the children’s learning; these offer ways to help and consolidate day-to-day skills and allow access to the world outside through interactive websites. Our indoor area features a range of activities and a fall-free surface that keeps them fully occupied at break times. Students also have access to a fully equipped outdoor playground and various activities such as water play, sand play, mark-making, and small world play. They enjoy playtime at Indoor sensory play, Visual and Performing Art sessions, Water-Play Area, Mobile Canteen, and Mobile Library.

KG Indoor and Outdoor Organic Garden

In kindergarten, we provide our students with the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the natural world of gardening. Our Inside and Outside gardening areas provide children with hands-on learning opportunities while increasing awareness and vital problem-solving experiences. Our gardening activities develop essential motor skills that help to improve academic skills such as writing and cutting. Gardening engages all the senses and teaches children responsibility in the care of seeds and plants. In addition, the child develops self-confidence in achieving their goal while promoting healthy eating by enjoying the products of their labor. Our gardening projects include an Aquaponics system which is a friendly way of growing plants and vegetables by converting fish waste into plant nutrition. We provide an environmentally friendly, natural food and plant growing method without adding chemicals or fertilizer. We have also introduced a Hydroponics system which is the art of growing plants and vegetables without soil by using a mineral nutrient solution in an aqueous solvent, providing us .

NAS KG Organic Garden