NAS offers a bilingual environment, providing an American curriculum alongside the UAE requirements in teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Social studies with a traditional, Emirati, Islamic ethos. NAS follows California Common Core State Standards (CA CCSS) for English & Math and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for Science. California State Standards are used for all CTE subjects offered.

NAS offers high school diploma with overall 32 credits earned over 4 years. NAS also offers Alternative curriculum for Students of Determination. AP (Advance Placement) classes are offered for students as early as 10th grade to provide a challenging learning environment for our outperforming students. NAS has College Board AP approved teachers for AP classes.

NAS curriculum is broad and balanced that offers choices to students across all grades. Students from grade 8 through 12 are also offered curriculum advisements to track their credits ensuring they all meet the high school diploma requirements and guide them for their careers after school.

Most students at NAS are second language users of English. Most students join NAS with no English, few students join NAS with fairly good understanding instructions in English which creates classes of mixed ability. Girls and boys are segregated into different sections from Grade 5 upwards, as per MOE law. NAS curriculum is designed to support students’ language development across all grades.

NAS Curriculum
NAS Curriculum

NAS believes in Excellence through Teamwork, incorporating expertise and contributions of all stakeholder to achieve school vision and targets. The NAS Student Council which is well-established, is a real empowerment for student voice and a great opportunity for students to develop and reinforce skills development, such as leadership qualities and other values. PBL (Project Based Learning) is a strong aspect of elementary and middle school. Students enrich their skills through a well-planned integrated curriculum allowing them to gain interdisciplinary skills. NAS also offers Career and Technology Education (CTE) for middle and high school students.

Reading across subjects is also an area of focus at NAS. Students have wealth of online and on campus resources. NAS curriculum id further enriched by the extra-curricular activities offered to students from KG-12.