Our Motto

Educating the futures through commitment to excellence.

Our Vision

NAS community inspires passion for learning among all learners so that they achieve at their fullest potential to become responsible, proactive, dynamic and innovative global citizens who can prove themselves in challenging times and are ambassadors of their own culture.

NAS Core Values


Definition of Learning

Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge, different perspectives of understanding and a constant transformational process to develop intellectual and practical skills while obtaining a flexible, positive attitude to face challenges and be successful in usual and unusual times.
  • Learning at NAS encompasses academic, Social and emotional, and ethical components.

Academic Component:
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Choice

Social and Emotional Component

  • Self & Social Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Responsible Decision making

Ethical Component:
Students are able to demonstrate justice, fairness, transparency, honesty, trust, and high moral values in their dealings, decision making, and interactions with diverse groups.

International Mindedness

Definition International mindednesses is acknowledging and respecting different cultures, religions and nationalities. * teaching students that we all must accept and appreciate diverse cultures and beliefs. *Teaching students that people may come from different religions, cultures, and nationalities, but the way we treat them should not be affected by where they come from. *Instilling a culture where all members of community live in harmony through showing respect of each other, and treating them equally regardless of where people come from, what their religion or culture is.
Internationalism aims to: Foster students’ active participation in a global society and encourage them to accept cultural diversity by sharing knowledge through various events and virtual tools.