Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is New Academy School
New Academy School was established in 1987. It is an American curriculum school following MOE curriculum for Islamic, Arabic and Social Studies.
2How can I learn more about the school and the curriculum?
Our website provides detailed information about the school and the curriculum.
3Should my child be fluent in English to attend NAS?
Your Child should have the needed English Skills to attend NAS.
4What is the general schedule for the NAS School Year?
NAS follows the KHDA and MOE Calendar.
5How and when should I apply?
Registration starts in February 2020.
6Does NAS only admit students at the beginning of the school year?
It depends on the case.
7What curriculum does NAS offer?
NAS offers American Curriculum (California Common Core Standards).
8Does NAS have an Arabic program?
NAS provides its students an Arabic Curriculum aligned with MOE.
9Do you offer any additional language electives?
10What services does NAS offer?
NAS provides its students with a variety of in class activities as well as extra curriculum activities. ELL program is also offered to our students.
11My child has specific learning needs.
NAS has a specialized special Educational Needs (SEN) department that provides our students of determination (SOD) a special program.
12Where are the teaching staff from?
NAS has qualified and experienced Staff from different nationalities.
13How old must my child be to start school?
Your child should be at least 4 years old to start KG School.
14How many children are there in each class?
NAS is committed to KHDA instructions not to have more than 25 students in each class.
15How many teachers do you have in class?
It depend on the grade level class. In KG school, there are a classroom teacher and a teacher assistant (TA) in each class which is the same case for grades from 1 to 4 upper grades each class has subject teachers. In addition, SEN specialists support teachers all across the school.
16Do you provide transport?
Definitely, transportation is provided to our students in Dubai and Sharjah.
17How do you communicate with Parents?
NAS has different communication means with parents, NASPA, Emails, contact numbers, Mograsy and our Website.
18What is your fee payment schedule?
Payment can be into three instalments. The first one should be in Cash or current dated cheque. The second instalments should be in December and the last one should be in March.
19What are the School Bank Account details to do the Funds Transfer ?
NAS has two bank accounts:
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)
20Does the school require a uniform?
Yes, NAS requires its students with a specific uniform.
21Do you provide food services?
NAS provides its students with high qualities healthy food with daily supervision students in NAS enjoy their food in two different well equipped canteens.
22Do you have after school activities?
Yes, there are varied and well planned after school activities.
23Does the school have a parents association?
Yes, we have a parents association (NASPA).
24What are NAS’s age requirements for K1 admission?
Your Child should be 4 years Old.
25Is there an assessment for admission?
There is a CAT 4 assessment for admission. This CAT 4 assessment measures the learning batteries of the student. In addition an interview is needed for admission
26What grade does my child go to if he/she is moving from a 13-year curriculum to a 12-year curriculum?
He will be in Grade 6
27What are the procedures for withdrawing a student from the school?
For withdrawal parents or guardians should meet the requirements. NAS registration office has a check list to be met for withdrawal.
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