I am Reem Rashed Almehisni, proud Alumni of this school from until I complete the grade 12 with the guidance and help of my teachers. I graduated with flying colours. I continue my journey in University of Sharjah as a Nuclear Engineering Student and successfully finished the bachelor’s degree. So, I am now an engineer at Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in the Space Engineering Department. And I am an honoured and fulfilled part of Khalifa Satellite team. Based on my personal experience, most people think that engineering is just all about Physics and Mathematics only. But no, that’s a common mistake. Everything you learned in every subject are all useful. For example, the English subject it will help you to be able to communicate well wherever you will be, so make sure never leave anything behind. I am thankful to all the NAS teachers who enabled me to reach my highest potential. I will suggest all NAS students to follow their heart’s desire; figure out what truly makes you happy, diligently work towards your goal and I’m quite sure you will be on the right path. Appreciate everything from our teachers whether negative or positive experiences, still those are the reasons that gave us strength to reach our goals in life.

Reem Rashed Almehisni