A child is introduced to formal education in Kindergarten classes. The KG program maintains a close relationship with the home and parents and aims to give children useful, practical experiences which will prepare them for Elementary School. The program is flexible and designed to help the child grow in self-reliance, start to learn English, learn to get along with others and form good work and play habits.

Child development and growth characteristics are taken into account when we plan our program for early childhood education. The KG program is aimed at helping a child to enjoy learning and school, to develop a positive self-image and the concepts to help build the framework for academic success in the coming years of Grade school and lifelong learning.

NAS encourages outdoor activities, when students can play cooperatively, use the large play equipment and participate in the early skills sporting program to support the rapid physical development of their bodies. Moreover, the NAS childhood program provides indoor and class-based activities aimed at developing fine motor skills, for example through cutting, coloring, lacing, sticking, drawing and early writing.

Promotion from KG1 to KG2 is based on the student’s attendance with achievement broadly in line with age expectations, with the student having no major learning disabilities.