American Curriculum with Arabic

NAS offers a bilingual environment, providing an American curriculum alongside the UAE requirements in teaching Arabic, Islamic studies and Social studies with a traditional, Emirati, Islamic ethos. NAS offers a university preparation program. Most graduates go on to Tertiary education (usually in UAE, but some internationally, such as to universities in US, Australia, Canada, Jordan and Cairo).

English is not typically the language of the home. Most students join NAS with no English, few students join NAS with fairly good understanding instructions in English which creates classes of mixed ability. Girls and boys are segregated into different sections from Grade 5 upwards, as per MOE law.

NAS believes in Excellence through Teamwork, incorporating expertise and contributions of all stakeholder to achieve school vision and targets. The NAS Student Council which has been recently established is a real empowerment for student voice and a great opportunity for students to develop and reinforce skills development, such as leadership qualities and other values.

School Organization (Grades, Levels, And Programs)

The school year spans almost ten months, from early September to end of June. The school academic year is divided into three Terms. The school’s pattern of organization is referred to as the (5-3-4) plan, includes Elementary School covering Grades 1 through 5 (segregation policy applies as per the UAE/ MOE rules and regulations, starting from Grade 5), Middle School covering grades 6 through 8 and High School in grades 9 through 12. The school adopts this pattern of organization taking into consideration the school’s vision, values and facilities.

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