Creating A Safe, Welcoming, Nurturing School Environment

Our desire is to create a safe, welcoming, nurturing school environment where each student is encouraged to grow holistically and engage in society in meaningful ways. We take the wellbeing of students very seriously, embedding it into the daily routines, curriculum, and extracurricular activities in order to create a culture of care and support throughout the school.

Our approach to Wellbeing is in line with the ‘Theory of Wellbeing’ (Martin Saligmen). It is not only an approach, but rather a belief system that fosters a community of trust, happiness and restoration.

Through various Wellness and Guidance initiatives, we seek to surround each student with the personal, social, emotional and academic support they need in order to thrive.

Our Counseling Services are in place to provide care for students who may require additional support and guidance.

Students and Parents have access to speak to School Counselor by appointment. We also have a Wellbeing Team in our School who is responsible for the wellbeing and positive mental health of our students. Wellbeing is associated with achievement and success. It is important for attaining knowledge and experiencing positive learning.