Core Values

  • Appreciate the individuality of our community members and encourage team work
  • Promote international mindedness, kindness and mutual understanding
  • Ensure access and utilization of technology to facilitate learning and research for all students to be creative and innovative problem solvers
  • Promote multi learning skills development emphasizing inquisitive and research based learning
  • Implement a well-balanced and progressive curriculum which is supported by up-to-date teaching pedagogies and enriched by a variety of extra-curricular programs. The school’s challenging and diverse curriculum that encourages the creativity, innovation and risk-taking necessary to succeed in a global community.

Branding Slogan

  • Inspire: To stimulate inner motivation and influence others to go above and beyond the expectation in all areas of performance.
  • Inquire: To be encouraged to pose questions, and stimulate curiosity through investigation and reflection in order to solve problems.
  • Interact: Collaborate and cooperate through sharing views, experiences, and discussions to elevate bonds and rapport with students and staff furthering learning.
  • Innovate: Change outdated ideas and products into new and improved outcomes.