Admission Process

Admissions Process

1. SLT oversee the admission
SLT oversee the admissions policy of the school and ensure that it allows the school to maintain its mission and to prosper. Admissions appeals should be addressed to the Principal/ VP who may consult with SLT although the Principal’s decision in all matters of admissions is final.
2. Eligibility
NAS admits children between the ages of 3 and 18 years old. Admission to NAS is subject to a successful placement test and interview. NAS does not cater for children with severe or complex special educational needs. However NAS is an inclusive school and has such willingly accepts admission applications for children with SEN whose needs the school can meet, subject to certain conditions. Admissions to NAS can be made at any time although there are cut-off dates during the year, which are designated by the UAE Ministry of Education.
3. Application Procedures
Contact the school either by telephone, personally or email. An appointment will be made for you to meet Registrar and to tour the school. Complete and submit a registration form. If your child has already been at school, please include a copy of: Your child’s latest school report. Full details of any special education needs and individual education plans (IEPs) plus Educational Psychologist’s reports if completed. If the application is successful and a place is available, a AED 3000 registration fees should be paid (non-refundable and non-deductible from school fees) a letter of offer will be issued along with joining information. The offer remains valid for a period of ten days. To secure the place admission fees of AED 1000 should be paid and are non-refundable. Your first term’s fees will be reduced by this amount. You should also submit the following documents which are a UAE Ministry of Education requirement: Copies of the child’s birth certificates. Copies of your child’s passport plus valid residency visa. Copy of child sponsor passport plus valid residency visa. Recent passport photographs (on photographic paper please). Transfer certificate from the previous school to include: date of enrolment; year group placement; date the child left the school; school stamp and signature. Full details of all vaccinations and immunizations for your child
4. Conditional Offers of a Place at NAS
You may be offered a conditional place at NAS. This means your child’s application to the school doesn’t satisfy one or more of the admissions criteria. You may be asked to provide: Further documentation about your child’s schooling. Evidence of application for residency or your residency status. CRASH COURSE/SUPPORT CLASS in English or Maths prior to re-sitting the placement test. An Educational Psychologist’s report in support of identifying your child’s learning needs. A review period may be set at which point the student’s progress will be reviewed to establish if NAS is the most suitable school to meet the child’s particular needs. If the conditional criteria are not satisfied NAS retains the right to withdraw the place and ask the parents to seek alternative arrangements for their child’s education.
5. Withdrawal of an offer or place
NAS aims to maintain the highest standards in all that it does. NAS requires all employees, contractors, parents, children and visitors to maintain a high standard of conduct. There is a minimum standard of behaviour and conduct to ensure people at NAS feel happy, safe, valued and confident. Hostile or aggressive behaviour is not tolerated in NAS and such behaviour will result in the withdrawal of a child’s place at NAS. Behaviour and conduct of children, parents or their immediate family in or out of school likely to bring NAS into disrepute will also result in the withdrawal of a child’s NAS place. A verbal warning, followed up with written confirmation, will be issued in the first instance warning that the Code has been breached. Secondly, a formal written warning will be issued. Finally, the NAS place will be withdrawn with immediate effect and the child should be removed from school.
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